Extended Hours for Space Opening

The Annual event that kicks off the Ibiza clubbing season in earnest, is the Space Opening party. An International mix of people descend on Playa Den Bossa for a weekend of full on clubbing, that starts with the Space Opening Party and finishes with the Circo Loco party at DC10 on the Tuesday morning.

In years past, it used to be a non stop 48 hour weekend. As Space closed its doors at midday on Monday, DC10 were just opening theirs. A few years back, new licensing laws restricted the opening hours of Clubs and Bars in Ibiza and Space had to revert to a 4am close on the Monday morning. This left hundreds of hardened clubbers in a no mans land, as they waited over 6 hours before they could continue the session.

Thankfully for them, Space has now secured an extension on that 4am curfew. Very few clubs on the Island would have the necessary clout to influence the local council to agree to such a fundamental change of licensing laws, but as that classic catch phrase of Mel Brooks says, “Its Good to be the King”. Plus its also an election year. The Space opening party is now more a festival of dance music, as the carpark area is transformed into an outdoor arena. Six different areas or rooms will feature varying styles of House music, with the iconic Terrace area still the place to be.

DC10 Propaganda from 2008

DC10 also seem to be redeeming their bold boy reputation and are now quietly playing by the Ibiza rules, after their much publicised Legal Action with the local Government over the operation of their club. Due to irregularities with their license, DC10 felt the full force of local law enforcement, when the club was forced to shut down in 2008. Both sides seem to have brokered a truce, which has allowed DC10 to reopen its doors and continue trading as one of the last bastions of true Ibiza decadence.

Tickets on sale for the Space Opening Party are €65 with doors opening at 4.30pm on Sunday and can be purchased at http://www.ibizahire.com/tickets/Ibiza-Cheap-Night-Club-Tickets