Jose Urena (centre) and Lucia Roman.

The father of Abel Urena, the Ushuaia employee who was beaten to death by convicted criminal Paulo Baptista in 2011, was tragicly killed in a road accident last Thursday. Jose Urena (51) was travelling home from work in Barcelona when he was hit by a truck. He subsequently died from his injuries. Mr Urena, along with Abel’s partner, Lucia Roman, tirelessly campaigned to seek justice for Abel’s brutal death. They organised high profile demonstrations, marching on council offices demanding action to be taken. They affected changes to the Ibiza’s previously unregulated security industry, of which Baptista was part of. Pressure also came to bear on the extradition of Baptista to an Ibiza court instead of a Portuguese one, which technically had jurisdiction for his crimes linked to Mafia organisations. Baptista is currently in a Palma prison awaiting a trial date and sentencing in the case, which has been postponed on a number of occasions. He denies the alleged murder, claiming that Abel Urena died from the fall, not the punch. The prosecution is asking for a 15 year manslaughter sentence. The blog would like to extend our sympathies to the Urena family on the sudden death of Jose Urena.