VIP Haunt Blue Marlin Ibiza.

Blue Marlin, an upmarket and popular haunt of VIP’s and Ibiza wannabes, has recently incurred the wrath of award winning, DJ Sneak. The 43 year old, Puerto Rican born DJ and producer, is no stranger to controversy. Earlier this year, he had a well publicised spat with Swedish House Mafia, accusing them of being fake and not representing true House Music. This season, Blue Marlin, had contracted DJ Sneak to play four, Friday dates at their Fabric Arena, located on the terrace of their popular restaurant and beach side venue in Cala Jondal. He was also booked to appear last Sunday at the Blue Marlin Closing Party, but Sneak refused to play, stating on Twitter that “blue marlin wouldn’t slightly adjust my set time due to a flight schedule change so i will not be djing there” In a subsequent tweet he said ” politics n egos are not part of my plan in ibiza. I got love for all. I know I did my end all summer.” 

Blue Marlin’s silence on the matter is deafening. They failed to post any notice or mention of the cancellation on their social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook or on the Blue Marlin website. The cancellation was mentioned on Ibiza Sonica radio, but Sneak had tweeted to Igor Marijuan, CEO of Ibiza Sonica, that he would not be attending. Not to help facilitate a DJ of Sneaks standing, “one of the Worlds most talented DJ’s…genius and wizardry” according to Blue Marlin, seems a bit harsh and heavy handed and most likley there is more to this story than meets the eye. The Island of Ibiza is famed for its deep rooted Club Politics and Sneak, has probably unwittingly said or done something he shouldn’t and in turn, has offended Blue Marlin. We may never know what really happened between them, but one thing for sure is that Blue Marlin wont be on DJ Sneaks Christmas Card list this year.