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Defcon 4 Alert for Space Ibiza 2019

Defcon 4 Alert for Space Ibiza 2019

Similar to receiving a ships distant communication as it hurtles towards Earth, island chatter has moved to Defcon 4 regarding the return of Space to Ibiza next summer. Carl Cox has been categorically stating that the “Space ideal” will return to the island soon. In a previous blog on this topic, our best guess as to the possible location of Space 2019, led us to San Antonio, and a greenfield site near Es Paradis, but to date, no new planning application has been lodged to build there, so it pours cold water over that theory for now. However in recent weeks the subspace communication channels have been crackling with the news that Space is set to make its return and the dogs on the street are barking its new location as San Antonio. Space billboards have been erected and the Space social media accounts have sparked into action, leading many to believe, the game’s afoot.

Without a new build happening, in our opinion, there are three options available for Space to return to Ibiza. The first is Es Paradis, the second Eden nightclub and thirdly, the old Extasis club under Piscis Park Hotel. Es Paradis, is currently my favourite due to its long history as the most beautiful club on the island – complete with sunset views and a large terrace area. It’s got a lot more pros than cons going for it, but a problem is the sound acoustics that get lost inside the venues cavernous marble interior that rises to meet a glass ceiling roof, specially designed for rays of sunshine to feed the large garden that was part of Es Paradis before the first sound pollution laws forced clubs to build roofs in 1991. That roofing law bankrupted the owners of KU and similarly, put financial pressure on the owners Es Paradis, The Aquirre family.

Richie Hawtin and Pepe Rosello toast to the future.

The second best option is Eden, owned by property developer and entrepreneur, Michael van de Kuit. The Dutch are always open for business, if the price is right, but Eden has had a good season this year and Kuit may have his own plans to develop the site at a future date. Interestingly, the small car park next door to Eden and directly in front of Es Paradis is rumoured to be Dutch owned.  When news broke that the owners of Pices Park Hotel were investing €10 million into a complete refurbishment and 4* upgrade of the landmark building, which includes the decaying Extasis Club underneath (ex Boho), it could provide an opportunity for a new club to fit in there. It’s old club licence would carry value, as would the chance to re-design a new interior from the floor up. This in my third option for a new Space home but the town council has not flagged this……yet. The Hotel did state that it could be 2020 before its fully operational, the same time period Space have been talking about returning.

The Space team of Dave Browning, Carl Cox, Pepe Rosello and Juan Arenas.

In my opinion, it boils down to Es Paradis and Eden, if the gossip is correct about San Antonio. I would expect that Space would want the whole club to themselves, so it would need to be a full sale or long term lease. Es Paradis offers the best option for any potential new investor as the venue is ripe for new management. It would be an easier property to start anew in, as there are no big parties resident and the Rosello and Aguirre families know each other well. Es Paradis stood in San Antonio before Space was founded in 1989 and Pepe Rosello is considered one of the town’s favourite sons. As we said before, there would be a lot of goodwill in San An towards him and with Dave Browning also on the team, the Balearic triumvirate would carry substance and respect. Ibiza needs Space and what its stands for more than ever. It is the ballast against the rising tide of EDM and corporate monotony. When and where it ever decides to make its return, it will be a good day for the island. We wish the Space crew all the best for the future and look forward to the opening of a new International Space station in Ibiza.

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