The young man involved in an incident at Ushuaia Beach Hotel has died. Able Urena Zafra, a 28 year old from Barcelona, lost his fight for life on Saturday. He was an employee at Ushuaia Beach Hotel since it opened last May. Mr Zafra was involved in an argument with another employee which resulted in him receiving head injuries. The man suspected of his death, a doorman at Ushuaia, is still at large. It is alleged that the doorman, a Vale Tudo martial arts expert, punched Able Urena who then fell to the ground and cracked his skull. The assault was recorded on CCTV. Ushuaia Hotel closed its doors on Saturday as a mark of respect to Mr Zafra. Staff at Ushuaia plan to hold a rally to highlight the need for a regulated security sector in Ibiza. The blog would like to express our deepest condolences to the Zafra family on the tragic loss of their son.

Ushuaias Baptism of Fire