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DC10 Ibiza Unveils New & Improved Garden Layout For Ibiza 2023 Opening Parties

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Written by Dan Kirwan

A brand new garden layout greeted clubbers at DC10 Ibiza last weekend as it celebrated the opening of its Ibiza 2023 season. In response to noise complaints from local neighbours and resident groups in recent years, DC10 took action over the winter months to remedy the problem and limit the noise pollution from the club, especially in the open-air garden area. The plan appears to have been a success, as to date, there have been no complaints of note from local residents, who are typically quick to voice their complaints on social media.

The new layout has reversed two rooms at DC10, with the larger area now present in the garden. Higher walls surround the club to help contain the sound escaping, and speakers have been moved to limit their impact outside the walls. Sound levels inside the club were noticeably lower . The redesign of DC10 has made it a more attractive venue as the club faces a strong challenge from its competitors.

This season Hi has poached one of its star DJs, Patrick Topping, and last year Jamie Jones departed for Amnesia. Although Micheal Bibi will appear at Hi this summer, DC10 has succeeded in securing the residency of the London-based producer, who is hot property on the island right now with his trendy Solid Grooves party. 
Pacha was rammed for a sold-out event with Solomun

The Ibiza opening parties, like last season, were held a month earlier than pre covid times. While less busy than in 2022, the clubs were more than pleased with the crowds that turned out in record-high temperatures for April. Hi who estimated that 30,000 tourists visited the island for the weekend, sold out its opening party, The Signal, which saw the return of Eric Prydz to the club for his exciting Holo party, which will have a bespoke Ibiza production this summer.

Pacha was also rammed for a sold-out event with Solomun to celebrate its 50th anniversary on the island. As we type this blog, the party continues in private villas and smaller restaurant venues like Es Caliu on the San Juan road, which is currently hosting the Keep On Dancing party with Richie Ahmed and Bill Patrick until 6 am tomorrow.  Next weekend Ushuaia and Hi will host a day and night event to celebrate ten years of Ants, and Amnesia will open its doors for the 2023 season. 


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