It was once the hottest and most expensive ticket in town, David Guettas F*uck Me Im Famous party, at the iconic Pacha Club in Ibiza. Much has changed on the white isle since the height of the FMIF phenomenon during the first decade of the new millennium, but the islands love for the talented Frenchman has remained intact. Unlike other big name DJ’s who have departed the Balearic scene, Guetta has always been loyal to the island and its infulence on his music. With the departure of the Urgell family from Pacha in 2016, Guetta felt it was the right time to broaden his horizons elsewhere and as Hi rose from the ashes of Space, his gaze turned towards the new musical empire being built by his fellow countrymen the Pissenem brothers. With a move to Hi almost certain this summer, rumours now suggest that Guetta will launch a brand new party at Hi on Fridays, using his latest underground alias, Jack Back, which he revealed last September, when releasing a 12 track B side mixtape licenced to Parlaphone/Warner Music France.

FMIF the goose that laid the golden egg at Pacha.

With a brand new Guetta party rumoured for Fridays at Hi, doubt now surrounds the future of the FMIF brand in Ibiza with some suggesting that it may replace his daytime party Big across the road at Ushuaia. The party was the goose that laid the golden egg for Guetta and its co-owner Cathy Guetta, helping him on the way to achieving an estimated net worth of €75 million, the fifth richest DJ in the World behind, Calvin Harris, who interestingly, is being rumoured for a number of dates on Guetta’s Thursday slot at Pacha, a venue the Scot played last year. Pacha have been busy over the winter, with island gossip surrounding two new parties there for Monday and Friday nights, and if they can secure the return of Calvin Harris, it would put them seriously back in the game, as its new American owners continue to find their feet on the marshy ground that is Ibiza clubland.  While there has been no official announcement and much at this stage is still speculation, what can we expect from Guetta’s new musical direction in Ibiza, if a new Jack Back Friday residency at Hi pans out.

David Guetta new underground direction with the release of 7

FMIF was very much EDM orientated at Pacha, its broad appeal swelling the VIP areas, as well healed tourists spent large amounts at the bar which justified Guetta’s €150K a night fee. Listening to the Jack Back Mixtape, billed as a return to Guettas underground techno and house roots in Paris, it’s clearly got an Ibiza infulence, with its uplifting vibe and the distinctive rolling horns associated to Overtone and Orion reflecting a Bodzin styled sound.  Love him or hate him, Guetta’s music has been a huge infulence on modern day dance culture, he seems to possess a midas touch especially in Ibiza, where he commands much respect and has always been loyal to the islands Balearic identity and free soul. While Ibiza struggles with its musical identity right now, Guetta’s new “underground” direction, combined with the quality digital production of Hi, has the potential to set future trends for the industry to follow.  Ibiza 2019 looks set to be a  very interesting year indeed.


Update 15/02/19:  Hi Ibiza officially confirm new signing of David Guetta and his FMIF residency on Friday nights from June 7 to October 4 alongside a Jack Back residency with Idris Elba in the clubroom.