Music On Party @ Cova Santa.

The beautiful open air venue that is Cova Santa has recently fallen foul of the police who shut down the venue after complaints from local residents. The Luciano and Friends party, which had just opened for six dates at Cova Santa, was raided by officers who sealed the music equipment so that they party was unable to go ahead. It now looks to have a new home at Destino. The worrying development casts serious doubt on the ability of the Amnesia owned venue to hold any further parties this year. All parties scheduled for the venue which include Luciano, Diynamic and Music On, are unlikely to go ahead as planed this summer. It is bad news for the many fans of the artists involved, especially Diynamic who are now without a home after departing Sankeys earlier this season. While there has been no official statement from the individual promoters or Amnesia with regard to status of future parties, lack of information is a worrying development and if I was a betting man, which I am, its odds against any party going ahead at Cova Santa this summer.

On the day of the police raid, Luciano tweeted “Due to weird Politics from Weirdos in Ibiza we have had to move…..We dont want people to shut us down“. The identity of the “people” that Luciano refers to is unknown but Cova Santa has always walked on thin ice with regard to staging parties. Last season after similar complaints from local residents about noise pollution, Amnesia were requested to install a sound limiter as part of the licencing requirement by the local council. When the police raided Cova Santa last week, there was no limiter in operation. The fact that there was no sound limiter in place after been requested to have one installed, will damage Cova Santa’s ability to get the venue back up and running this summer. However, this is Ibiza and where there is a will, there is a way to resolve problems, so perhaps Amnesia can pull a rabbit out of the hat and even at this late stage in the game can get the show back on the road. Lets hope they do.

UPDATE 15/7/14 Diynamic announce that they will hold 5 shows at Destino on Thursdays opening July 17 and 4 shows at Cova Santa on Tuesdays opening August 5.