Can Misses Hospital Ibiza

Sankeys legend David Vincent, had a near death experience last week, after he collapsed in a hospital in Ibiza with a case of severe appendicitis. Doctors at the Lady Of Our Rosary private clinic, informed Vincent that he was hours away from death and immediately operated on the 43 year old club owner to remove his appendix. Vincent presented at Can Misses hospital last Monday complaining of abdominal pain after a suspected bout of food poisoning but discharged himself from the Public hospital after nurses left him waiting for over 7 hours. “They ignored me at Can Misses so I left and after advice from Danny Whittle, I decided to go private which cost me €10,000” commented Vincent. “The doctors at the Private Clinic informed me that I was lucky to be alive as I was just hours away from death. I would like to sincerely thank them for their professional care. I was laid up for 5 days after the operation but I am back at work now and hope to have the Sankeys Ibiza program finalised this week”. Vincent confirmed to the Blog that Defected would not be residing at the Bossa Club this summer but is hoping to sign “a very exciting and real Ibiza party” in the next few days. He also stated that there would be “major changes at the club again this summer”.