As the people of Ireland, Scotland and the Basque region, all strive for Independence in the next decade, it is the Catalonian people that are leading the way for others to follow. They are putting together an effective and well thought out campaign that should help them deliver an Independent Catalan state in the near future. At present, they are part of Spain, but their drive to be recognised as a unique and singular culture, is really starting to gather pace. They are utilising the power of social media to connect and communicate their message in a non aggressive and neutral way. The video below is a good example of the creative thinking that is been employed to mobilise the people into identifying themselves to the flag and ideals of Catalunya. It was shot in one take without edit and is quiet an impressive piece of work as it successfully captures the essence of the culture.  It is expected that the Catalans will proceed with a vote on the issue of Independence from Spain in 2014, with or without the permission of Madrid. If successful it will pave the way for others to follow and should help the cause of similar Scottish, Irish and Basque claims. We wish them the very best of luck with the campaign and commend the makers of the below video, on a job well done. The song is called “La Flama” and its ska influence is performed by Obrint Pas. It set a world record for the largest amount of people gathered to perform a lip sync.