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Carl Cox and Space Back in The Ibiza Game.

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Written by Dan Kirwan

There has been much speculation in recent years as to the plans of Carl Cox and Space, ever since they departed the Ibiza stage in 2016. In the years that followed, Cox’s PR and marketing team did a good job keeping his name relevant and in the headlines, through a series of rumours and leaks that surrounded his future on the island.

Much of them centered around a new Space venue emerging in San Antonio, the home town of its founder Pepe Rosello, who with the winnings from a lottery ticket, went on to build one of the most iconic clubs in the world. In an interview I did with Javier Anadon of Cafe Mambo he lamented that when Pepe left for Playa Den Bossa in !987, San Antonio lost an “important person” as his creative influence lent the resort a lot of its Ibicenco charm and style.

While the rumour treadmill ground to a halt during Covid, there are now whispers emanating from corporate quarters, that Cox and Rosello are back in San Antonio with some heavyweight commercial investors ready to take Space to the next level. In recent months, Space Beach Club branding has emerged in the local media, with Pepe stating that he is confident of reactivating his beloved club next season. 

A measured marketing campaign has already begun with an outdoor Space Beach Club party that was due to take place in Ibiza Port and an Art exhibition that is currently running in San Antonio. The usual suspects connected to the astute Cox PR team have been unusually quiet, a sign in my book that there may be something afoot this time around. 

A prime, frontline site in the Bay area has been identified for Space Beach Club

If the gossip is true, then I would not blame Cox’s management team for keeping schtum as this is rumoured to be a multi million euro project with two high profile international brands associated, one in the drinks sector and the other in the sports arena. Both are natural partners to the Ibiza brand name and could lend much prestige and exposure to the project, if it gets the green light to proceed.

A prime, frontline site in the Bay area has been identified and it’s a perfect location for any new Space Beach Club development, invigorating a tired neighborhood and ensuring San Antonio will be where it’s happening for decades to come. Stay tuned for further news on this exciting story, which has all the hallmarks of being a classic Ibiza drama, just like the infamous Artist whose collection of paintings it’s promoting right now alongside the crest of the local council.

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