A secret little beach that I like to visit when I am in the North of the island, especially for the excellent nearby fish restaurant located in Puerto San Miguel, called Restaurant Balansant. You actually have to walk by the restaurant to get to this small and intimate cove tucked away to the left of the much bigger, Puerto San Miguel beach, which can be seen on the video. A path through the woods, leads the way to Cala de Multons and it continues on to another beach, Es Pas De S’Illot den Bosc which is connected to a private island.

This beach is rarely full as it takes a good 20 minute hike to reach from Puerto San Miguel. A short walk past this beach is the watchtower, Torre Des Molar. Every Friday the small Chiringito at Cala de Multons serves fresh BBQ sardines. There is also a Chiringito on Pas de S’Illot beach which is shown in the video.