Located on the south west coast, with breathtaking views of sunset, enhanced by the imposing and powerful presence of Es Vedra, Cala D’Hort has a special reverence on the Island. It takes effort to reach the beach, as it is not serviced by public transport or boat taxi. A car or scooter is required. Popular with the locals and mainland Spanish visitors, the beach thankfully lacks commercial tackiness. In the peak months, it is hard to find parking there, as everybody arrives by car. It is also the gateway to the fabled area of Atlantis, a hippy place of worship. Atlantis is in fact an old Phoenician quarry, but hippy folklore considers the whole area around Es Vedra and Cala D’Hort to be of spiritual and unique importance to them. One of the best Paellas on the island is served at the Restaurante Es Bodaldo, which overlooks the beach and is a pleasant spot for lunch or sunset dinner.