Cafe Mambo gets Jail Sentence

The long drawn out legal case, between the local Council of San Antonio and Cafe Mambo, has finally reached its conclusion. In a landmark ruling, Cafe Mambo owners were handed down a 2 year Jail sentence, for crimes against the environment between 2003-2008. Noise pollution from speakers on the terrace of Cafe Mambo and Savannah, were cited as the criminal offense.

The prosecution for the local council agreed a deal with the owners of Cafe Mambo, that instead of imprisonment, Cafe Mambo would pay a fine of €126000. The deal also ensured that Cafe Mambo and Cafe Savannah would remain open as a trading buisness. The court ruling was the first ever to criminally convict a buisness for noise pollution. In previous cases, bars were either fined or closed for a period of time.

The whole affair has cast the Island in a poor light, as it seems that local politics, big egos and vindictive personalities were at play, rather than Justice or common sense. It is unlikely that the whole saga will end here, as the simmering undercurrents of old scores remaining unsettled, are sure to surface again in the future.