A brand new Jellyfish Warning App was launched this month in Ibiza to help tourists and locals avoid beaches that the stinging marine animals are reported at. In recent years, Ibiza has seen an increase in Jellyfish outbreaks on its shores, due mainly to overfishing and global warming in The Mediterranean sea. Earlier this year, a number of the dangerous Portuguese Man O War Jellyfish were reported in Ibiza waters and before this very welcome app was launched, the traditional way of avoiding jellyfish was to go to opposite side of the island from where they were lurking. Developed by Ismale Madrigal and Roel van Eersel in conjunction with local authorities and marine biologists, the Medusas Ibiza App, is available for free download on Google Play and the Apps Store. It also contains a First Aid section with tips on how to treat Jellyfish stings along with tourist information for each beach listed.