Booom Vows To Remain Open.

While caught up in an ongoing legal dispute, Booom nightclub, has confirmed that it will open for business this summer in Ibiza. The decision by Booom to concentrate on the music first, will be welcome news to fans of the club and the promoters connected to the venue for Ibiza 2014. While a judge issued an eviction order last week, it does not mean the club has to close, as appeals and other avenues are explored by the owners. Legal challenges can take time to sort themselves out in Spain, (6-8 months) and a spokesperson for Booom has confirmed that they are fully committed to opening for business this summer in Ibiza. Commenting on the news that Defected would headline a 20 week residency on Tuesday nights, Booom’s owner Giuseppe Cipriani stated, “This is the first of many exciting announcements to come”. It is expected that Booom will program a full schedule of parties, that will include a number of brand new nights. The Club will close in three weeks time to renovate and prepare for its summer season, which it hopes to kick off on May 20th with the Defected Opening party. One always has to admire tenacity and fight in adversary and the news that Booom is fully committed to opening this summer, will ensure a colorful, exciting and interesting season ahead, for an island that never fails to disappoint.