New Departure for Giuseppe Cipriani 

The Ibiza nightclub, Booom, has lost a long running legal battle to remain open, after a Spanish court threw out its appeal against an eviction order served last year. The owner of the Booom project, Giuseppe Cipriani, ceased trading at the Club last week and to date, there has been no statement issued by the club except for reports in local media that it will remain closed for the winter period. The blog understands that the old company which traded as Booom, Club Play Cipriani SL will be evicted from the building but it would not stop Mr Cipriani from taking ownership of the club under a new company name. Rumors in Ibiza suggest that Mr Cipriani’s ex-partner at Booom, an Italian Investment Banker, has left the project to be replaced by a Turkish investor, who has already invested substantially on the island with a view to building an entertainment business with Mr Cipriani’s brand.

With the eviction of the tenant Club Play Cipriani SL now set to proceed, the owner of Booom, socialite Soraya Dianna Khatimi, can legally deliver vacant possession of the building to Nayarti SL, the company with the purchase option to buy Booom. The blog understands that Nayarti SL has been approached by Mr Cipriani to acquire the purchase option and that its owner, has provisionally agreed to sell it to him but the deal has yet to be completed. There may be a number of loose ends to be tied off with regard to compensation and legal bills before a clean transfer of ownership could occur, so the situation is still delicate and this may be a reason for the Clubs silence at this time. Readers of the blog will remember that the resourceful Cipriani outmaneuvered the powerful Matutes family to buy a prime piece of real estate located next to the club for €8.1 million in December 2013. The much anticipated return of the Mike and Claire McKay party Phantasmagoria has already performed in the old car park and Cipriani has ambitious plans to develop the site alongside the club.

Soraya Dianna Khatimi

When contacted by the Blog, a spokesman for the clubs flagship party, Defected, stated; “we are aware of the developments at Booom and are looking at all of our options” for the 2015 season. It is still very early for contracts to be signed for next summer, as normally the horse trading and negotiations for promoters and clubs starts in earnest in the new year. It would be safe to say that Defected will be returning to Ibiza for another summer which is good news for the islands music scene. If Mr Cipriani completes the deal with Nayarti to buy the building, the club can look forward to a secure and long term future. While much of the above is just speculation at present, it would be safe to say that another chapter in the colorful and intriguing Booom story, is about to be written.