Giuseppe Cipriani interviewed by Ibiza Style.

The old operatic colloquialism that states, “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings” is about to become pertinent in Ibiza, as Booom, the nightclub owned by Giuseppe Cipriani, readies itself for a legal challenge to the eviction order served on it by Nayarti earlier this month. Conspicuous by his silence after public notices were published by Nayarti three weeks ago, Mr Cipriani, has today informed Ibiza Style Magazine editor, Jurgen Bushe, that he intends to remain at the club for next year and that Booom may even open its doors this winter. “Dont worry we will be here with Booom also next year. I can not say more at this moment but very soon I will give you more information” stated Mr Cipriani. It’s a clear marker of intent from the Italian restaurateur and AutoGp racing driver, that he is ready to legally contest the surprise eviction order issued by the new landlord of the premises where Booom is located. Very little is know about the identity of the new landlord, but a spokesman for Nayarti, has told the blog that its “billionaire” owner will be releasing more information on the issue soon.

Booom is also preparing a statement in reply to the public notices issued by Nayarti, which according to Mr Cipriani will also be published “very soon”. The delay in Boooms reply, may suggest that the club was not expecting the unprecedented Blitzkrieg style attack from Nayarti earlier this month. Its ferocity shocked many seasoned observers in Ibiza and the legal wrangle has created an atmosphere of foreboding not witnessed on the island before. But in times past, Ibiza was a much different and innocent place than it is today. The arrival of the VIP market to Ibiza has brought with it, the big egos and wealthy power players associated with that scene. While we witness the drug muling problems at one end of the social spectrum, we are now about to see what happens at the top end, as wealthy and powerful individuals play out their battles in public. One thing for certain is, that it’s far from being about the music any more.

The next move in this intriguing legal wrangle will most likely come from Booom as they may seek a legal injunction to the eviction notice, thus postponing the eviction date of November 30th. A possible injunction seeking order from the Booom legal team will be followed by a response from Nayarti, who may be waiting for the content of the Booom reply, before any further statement is issued. As we await these developments and the identity of the new owner at Booom, Ibiza can be assured a winter of discontent as this case could be heading to the courts, which could delay the eviction order until 2015. One would feel that the point of no return has been passed on this spat and both sides will fight to the bitter end. The blog has requested information and statements from both Nayarti and Booom and we expect more news on this Dallas style story soon.