Its one of those rare moments in music programming, that you have to stand back and say WOW, that is some line up. Hard Rock Ibiza, which has come in for its share of criticism on this blog, has just smashed the ball out of the proverbial carpark and put together an amazing program of classic 80’s and 90’s artists that pioneered a cultural revolution in electronic music. My fingers are dancing on the keyboard as I type this blog, mouth open to the quality of acts Hard Rock Ibiza have assembled for its Children Of The 80’s party which runs for 12 weeks opening on Sunday June 26 and closing on September 13. Where do you start by trying to pick out a highlight? They are all massive!! Boney M, Bonnie Tyler, Marc Almond, Paul Young and Holly Johnson, stand out for their vocal skills and talent while seminal electronic acts which influenced a generation in the 90’s include, 2 Unlimited, Ice MC, Snap, C+C Music Factory, Soul II Soul, Robin S, Corona, Whigfield, Rozalla, Black Box, Dr Alban, London Beat and Haddaway.

Its like somebody who knew what they were doing, sat down and looked at the most influential artists and songs of the 90’s, booked them and brought them all to Ibiza. I don’t think anything of this musical quality this has been put together before and much credit is due to Hard Rock for pulling it all together, It is by far their best line up to date and is what we hoped they would bring to the island when they first announced their opening 2 years ago. There is hardly a name in the 46 acts announced that you would leave out, the only novelty act being Samantha Fox, but what pubescent teenager could forget her debut single Touch Me. Also included on the Line Ups are 80’s acts Bananarama, Limahl, The Blow Monkeys and Matt Bianco. A nice touch by Hard Rock Ibiza is to offer free entry to island residents and people that come dressed in 80’s clothing.

The party is sure to attract a more mature and nostalgic crowd of music lovers and will appeal to a gay friendly market with the likes of Marc Almond and Bonnie Tyler on the bill. Some of Ibiza Rocks best attended parties in recent years were made up of nostalgic acts from the 80’s and 90’s music scene. The musical royalty on the line up is undoubtedly Boney M which opens the party on June 26. Sadly Boney M  front man Bobby Farrell passed away in 2010 and the band has been headed up by Mazie Williams, who is the only remaining member of the iconic 70’s group performing with Boney M today. However one act that is sure to receive a big welcome in Ibiza is 90’s Dutch Eurodance act Vengaboys, which will have the crowd chanting for the islands most cheesy pop soundtrack……We’re Going To Ibiza. Full line ups and dates with tickets can be viewed here