“Jinxed” premises for Club Bomba

While new Club Bomba won’t be winning any communication or PR awards this year, summer 2013, will be a race against time to try and salvage something out of a season that it would rather forget. Late last month, after an emergency sitting of the local council was convened, Bomba received its licence to open and trade as a nightclub. The current, pro-business political party that control Ibiza Town, have been supportive of Bomba’s plans to open from the start. They overturned a previous law that was put in place to keep the club closed, by rubber stamping a legal loophole which allowed Bomba to operate as a nightclub. Unfortunately for Bomba, it is now tangled up in the complex and temperamental political affairs of island life, which may now play the issue as a political football. It’s over ten days since Bomba received its licence to open but strangely, very little construction work has started on site to refurbish the club.

This may have something to do with the turbulent political climate that exists in Ibiza town at present. The power structure of Ibiza town council, is delicately balanced, with the ruling PP party requiring the vote of its resigning Mayor to carry it’s majority. The Mayor, who had previously stated that she would close Bomba if it tried to open without the relevant licence, is due to officially resign on Thursday, after pressure to do so came from within her own party. There are other, more serious political issues at play here that have nothing to do with Bomba, but the timing of the clubs application for its licence, could not have come at a worse time politically. With local elections due next year, many politicians will be mindful of local issues and will be playing their own personal games to get elected. Alliances will be made and sides will be taken. In my opinion, its just the start of a political game of football, that is only just warming up on the pitch before kick off.

What does this mean for Bomba? Well very little news is emanating from Bomba HQ. There seems to be no official press office or way of privately contacting the club. The Bomba website remains just a landing page and there are no contact details. “Tick Tock” and “to be announced very soon” is all that we are hearing from the Bomba social media platforms. Of course it’s been a stressful time for all involved with Bomba, but a little more information and contact with the public would be helpful. If I had to take an educated guess, I would forecast that Bomba, may be in a position to start work on the site next week. If everything goes to plan, work starts and the snag list is small, the Club could be in a position to open mid to late July. I doubt very much if it will be open for the “end of June” as previously stated. Locals on the island of Ibiza have long whispered that the premises is “jinxed” and judging by events to date, there may be a grain of truth to this local urban myth. It’s a pity, because we would have all liked to have seen Bomba get a fair shot at what it could do this season. The blog will update on this story when any relevant news comes to hand.

UPDATE 12/6/13 Work commenced today to refurbishment club.