Its always a pleasure to compile the Best Debut Party award each season as it recognises the parties that created something new. Its a big challenge to get a first season party off the ground in Ibiza, as the island is a very tough nut to crack. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and talent to break through and every season there are more casualties than success stories. While not a vintage year, it was a good one for new parties, putting to bed the notion that Ibiza has lost it, as the old moves aside for a new generation. Below are our nominations for the Best New Party Award 2016.

WooMooN@Cova Santa
At the start of the season there would have been long odds about Cova Santa hosting one of the most popular parties of the summer even with a trendy name associated to it. The fact that it was able to host an astute commercial party that introduced us to Nomadic DJ’s in an artistic environment, makes it even more remarkable.

The techno sound of Eastern Europe arrived on the shores of Ibiza this summer when Allergen adhered itself to the streets of San Antonio. It was industrial Techno harping back to early days of the genre where it was all about experimenting with sound.

After their move from DC10 to Space on Thursday nights, Karm and Matteo Milleri, aka Tale Of Us, were taking a sizeable risk with a bigger venue and a new project called, Afterlife, billed as an “odyssey through the realm of consciousnesses” a dark techno inspired party that warmed nicely with clued up clubbers as the season matured.

From the streets of London came a party with a buzzing energy and fresh sound that resonated with the Balearic beat of the island. It was fun and cool at the same time and the guys behind it were doing it for the right reasons – to have a good party.

Up next our Best DJ award along with Best Ibiza 2016 Party. We will announce the winners soon.