Finding a track that defined the summer of Ibiza 2016 has been a difficult task this year. Even the DJ Awards, which created a Track Of The Summer category, failed to find a winner. Creativity was certainly lacking on the island, with many DJ’s and producers remixing old tracks, a few going back half a century to the sixties. Has the growth of EDM made some DJ’s lazy and happy to adopt the easy option of sure fired floor fillers and proven hits rather than educating the crowds with new music? Thats was what Ibiza was all about, nurturing a hub of creativity and to set the trends for the industry. While im sure it was there, it was difficult to find fresh sounds, even harder to find a track that represented the identity and character of the island, the core essence and main criteria of our Best Ibiza Track Award. The track has to sound or associate to the true identity of the island, or one that was adopted by it as an anthem. Below are our four nominations for Best Ibiza Track Award 2016.

The Mambo Brothers -Momento

Out early, it was one of the first tracks to make an impression this summer with a real Ibiza terrace feel to it. Produced on the island by the Mambo Brothers, aka Christian and Alan Anadon of Cafe Mambo fame, it was later picked up by the Netflix movie XOXO which featured Momento on its soundtrack. This one had a touch of quality which differentiated it from the others.

Cassius Go Up – Butch Remix

This track was heard everywhere on the island and had a real party feel about it that made lots of people smile. It was one of those tracks that you knew everybody around you was enjoying and the build up tempo was clever. It had a distinctive French style to it and that culture is very much at home on the island of Ibiza.

Kungs vs Cookin on 3 Burners – This Girl

While the industry was pushing Offaiah and Trouble as the most popular EDM track of the summer, I felt that This Girl was the one the island took to the best. Both were played everywhere but This Girl was the one that just shaded it in my opinion. It was the obligatory mainstream hit of the summer and on many playlists.

Goldcap – Mirage

I selected this track mainly for its fresh sound and its association to the groundbreaking Woomoon party at Cova Santa which tried something different musically this summer. Goldcap aka American producer, Berge Sahakian, is part of a new wave that is trying to breakthrough via artists like Bedouin and Unders. With its Moorish feel, I heard this track been played enough, especially off the beaten track, to have it included on the final list.