GPS on the comeback trail

The GPS managed San Remo Hotel in San Antonio bay, has been full to capacity over the last few weeks as holidaymakers continue to be very price conscious when booking holidays abroad. The cheap, low quality model that GPS employ at the majority of their hotels seems to be working, as budget friendly punters pack out the hotel complex which also includes the Xaloc apartments and Estanyol Hotel. In fact the apartments had to be opened due to demand for rooms.

San Remo swimming pool

The GPS website has had undergone a recent refurbishment, with an improved, user friendly and functionable website. Tripadvisor reviews for the month of April all seem to be positive and reflect a possible changing attitude emanating from the GPS group. Friendly, English Speaking staff, clean facilities and acceptable standards for the price paid, seem to be the popular consensus so far.

All Inclusive and room for less than €200 a week, seems to be the bait that is attracting the punters to GPS at present. As I predicted at the start of the year, this model will continue to be very popular with budget conscious holidaymakers in 2011 and other hotels may be forced to re position themselves in the Ibiza market if they are to survive into 2012.