Reminiscent of the scene from the classic Alan Parker movie The Commitments, where Joey “the lips” Fagan informs Band manager Jimmy Rabbitt that he played with BB King, Sam Cooke and Otis Reading, a similar real life story has just appeared on a Bar Anita blog post in San Carlos. The bar, one of the first “Hippy Bars” outside of Ibiza town and a popular haunt for the free minded travellers that followed the Jazz loving Beatniks of the 50’s, had its glory days recalled this week by one Mannley Collins who claimed he played there with the legendary American Saxophonist Pony Poindexter and Earl Freeman in the late 60’s. He also jammed with Pink Floyd, Jimmy Hendrix and Soft Machine.

In his post he refers to other hip “deadheads” including Duke Allesandro, Blind George, Eight Finger Eddie, Bart Hughes and Jac Longini who were all part of a thriving jamming scene which made the island a mecca for many artists, peaceniks and musicians from all over the world. The nostalgic post of a man who must now be heading towards his eighties, was made even more refreshing as he yearned to return to that bygone era and revisit the bar with “my Tenor Sax and my good lady electric bass player”.

Ibiza message

The Blog post message by Mannley Collins

In true hippy style Mann has requested some help in finding a “commune with an empty room” where he can lay his saxophone for a few nights and return to the halcyon days of his youth. Its a heartwarming and timely reminder of how the island existed in the “Los Tiempos Lindos” times of the 60’s and 70’s where life was simple and the island was a paradise found. The author recalled swapping loafs of wholemeal bread for some “prime Moroccan blond” a hashish very popular in Formentera with musicians. Thanks to Lottie Boggotti for sharing her post and if you can help an old sax player out with a room he can be contacted via [email protected]