Every Thursday at 6pm, in the courtyard of the 14th century Church of San Miguel de Balansat, perched on top of a hill in the North of Ibiza, the dance of the Ball Pages is performed. Translated as “Country Dance” it is also considered a courting ritual where a man invites a woman of his suiting to dance with him.

The dance has pre christian roots and is also consider a type of “rain dance” by some to honor the gods of water which provided life and food to the people of the land. The main dances of the Ball Pages are the Sa Curta, the Sa Llarga, and the most important one the Ses Nou Roulades which is linked to Wedding ceremonies.

Well worth a visit, if only for the stunning scenery of the northern Ibiza, the Ball Pages can be viewed every Thursday from May to October.In Ibiza town, the Ball Pages is performed in Dalt Villa every Friday at 9pm.