Zoo Project In Danger Of Closure

According to reports in local newspapers, three British youths, attending the Zoo Project Party at Gala Night, allegedly broke into a local residents house and assaulted its occupants. The incident was reported on July 28th last and has led to local residents filing a complaint and threatening legal action against the San Antonio Council for not taking action to stop an unlicensed party in a rural location. The owner of Gala Night, Escandell Bartholomew, denied he operated illegally and stated that Gala Night had always worked “within the strictest legality and compliance with the applicable regulations, both municipal and regional and state” On the alleged assault, he stated that he could not be held accountable for the actions of people outside his premises.The area which Gala Night is located in, Cap Bonet, is a normal residential community with families and children and is far removed from the Tourist Resorts of San Antonio and Playa Den Bossa. The group of over 70 residents have complained, that for the last number of years, they have had to put up with anti social behaviour which included public acts of sex, drug use, urination and vomiting, on their streets. The break in and assault was the straw that broke the camels back and they are now demanding that the party be shut down. No community should have to live in such an intimidating environment and it is almost certain that this incident will lead to serious curtailments or closure of the popular Zoo Project Party, which is held twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays during the summer season. The one unwritten Golden Rule in Ibiza that is not messed around with, is the one that states…. Thou Shalt Not Upset Thy Neighbours. It now looks increasingly likely that, The Zoo Project, will ultimately pay the price for the bad behaviour of its loose animals.