rounding the future of the Reverse party at Privilege, is suggesting that the popular Spanish Techno party will move to Sankeys this season, possibly on Saturday nights alongside Magna Carta. This would provide an ideal opportunity for the Ants Colony to march the short distance from Ushuaia and continue its after party at Sankeys, which is set to unveil a brand new Pioneer and Void sound rig for its two day Opening party next week. French born Pissenem has successfully married his Gallic style with Ushuaia’s Spanish flair, to position the locally owned venue at the forefront of the islands Balearic identity. In a short number of years, Londoner David Vincent has established Sankeys as the islands premier British club, with a number of the top UK promoters and DJ’s associated to the venue. A collaboration between Ushuaia and Sankeys would forge strong links between the islands most predominant cultures and provide a creative platform for the two men to work together on future projects, which can only be good news for the island. Saturday nights in Ibiza have become a lot more attractive.