The islands leading club, Amnesia, have certainly made some eyebrow raising changes to their music program this season. The addition of a third techno night with Hyte, has certainly put the cat amongst the Ibiza pigeons and was a curveball that surprised many seasoned judges on the island. Amnesia is now the big player musically, so much so, that other clubs are reacting to what it does. Amnesia leads the way with trendy non-EDM parties, the underground sound that makes Ibiza cool and minimal, the scene that adds value to brand Ibiza. The real clubbers, the ones that are there for the music, the party and the talented DJ’s – the ones who make Guetta and Avicci look like playschool novices pushing the play button for the first time. DC10 is not regarded as a “Club”, its more a place or “being” – the cradle of that raw deep and dirty tech sound that was born in Ibiza and spread into Europe especially Germany, who embraced the sound and crafted it. Techno for me, in the 90’s, originated from Germany – DC10 and Ibiza made it cool and sexy.

Therefore I don’t think DC10 will ever have to react to any “Club” in Ibiza. Amnesia is trying to be a “Club” version of DC10 on a larger scale and doing quiet well for itself. But has it gone a little too far this year asking savvy clubbers to attend 3 tech parties at the club? Can Sven Vath re-energise the Cocoon brand? Will Marco Corola still pack in the crowds on a Friday night and how will both DJ’s react to the new kid on the block which is Hyte. The musical director at Amnesia is Mar T, son of the owner and a DJ who was educated under the tutelage of the master Sven Vath. In my opinion he is pushing Hyte and that is where his priorities will be centered this summer. There he can build a techno party that he can control and direct, as in the past, Marco has proved temperamental to handle and its the same story for many of the big DJ names, their ego gets bruised quiet easily, but that’s also a trait connected to talented individuals.

I would suggest that one of the three techno parties named above will not be at Amnesia next year. I would make Music On favorite to depart to Ushuaia/Space, Sven second favorite and would rate Hyte, if successful, there for the long haul. Amnesia will be keeping a close eye on the three parties also, to evaluate which one to prune next season. Amnesia may prove me wrong and show that there is a market for three tech parties, but I have a suspicion that Hyte is only waiting to take the Monday or Friday night slot of whichever party departs at the end of this season. Wednesdays belongs to Jamie Jones at DC10 and both Sankeys and Pacha have reacted quickly to programming non-tech parties on Wednesdays, as Paradise and Hyte will have the minimal market cornered. Pacha is investing its money behind the house sound, with Martin Solveig and Pure Pacha hopefully they can collect. I’m really excited about the season ahead in Ibiza as I can feel there is a change in the air – lets hope it will happen and we will all be there to enjoy it.