Amnesia Closing Party

The well known Ibiza Club Amnesia, located in rural San Rafel, has been denounced by local police and neighbours for staying open longer than permitted for its closing party last weekend. Amnesia had secured an extension until midday on Sunday, but when police called at 5pm the club was still rocking. Local residents did not appreciate the sound of some fine minimal techno and complained to the police that their quiet Sunday Siesta was being interrupted by the pumping base of  Richie Hawtin and Loco Dice. The Club now faces possible fines totalling €60,000 for repeatedly breeching closing regulations. Once again, local politics seem to be at play, as the Amnesia Closing party was always known for its late closing and extended party. One would have to question why its being denounced this year and not in past seasons. The ongoing fued between Space nightclub and Amnesia may have played a part in the drama, with Space landing one final sucker punch into Amnesia, just as the bell for the final round sounded.