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Amnesia Confirms Guy Gerber For Ibiza 2023 Opening Party

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Written by Dan Kirwan

Ibiza superclub Amnesia has boldly decided to book under-fire DJ Guy Gerber for its opening party on May 13. The Israeli-born DJ has recently filed a defamation charge in the Ibiza courts against Mavi De Mars, a Greek national who claims Gerber raped her at a house party in Greece in 2013. The matter came to public attention in 2022 when Gerbers Mirror Games party at new venue Club Chinos was suspended by its music management company until a “firm resolution” of the rape allegation “compatible with the right to the presumption of innocence of every citizen” was achieved. It also stated, “The values of the company Island Hospitality are based on integrity and honesty, with an ethical and social commitment to respect and equality to protect all its employees, partners and customers. Island Hospitality has a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment, racism and violence”.

That decision was made without any legal proceedings taking place. Now that legal matters are ongoing, it makes the Amnesia action to book Gerber bold, which may prejudice any future cases. De Mars has also indicated in an interview with Resident Advisor that she intends to take criminal action in the UK or Greece against Gerber once the defamation case is heard. Techno DJ Rebecka of Metoo music reflected that mood by stating on her Instagram page, “maybe it would be a good idea for Amnesia to wait and see the outcome of the defamation case before booking Guy Gerber, who has rape allegations against him. The safety of young clubbers at Amnesia should be of the most importance”. 

At the end of the day, Amnesia is entitled to book who they want, but the addition of Gerber to its opening lineup is definitely from left field, considering the DJ has rarely played at the club. It also coincides with the lodging of the defamation papers in the Ibiza courts, and some may view it as more than just a coincidence. It’s a clear vote of support for Gerber, and Amnesia believes that the man is innocent until proven guilty. It’s a risky bet to go out on a limb for a DJ of Gerber’s niche popularity and in light of the prudent action taken by Island Hospitality last season. 

Amnesia has forgotten to do their homework.

Now that the first legal move has been made expect the heat to be turned up in this case, with lots more developments rumoured to be in play. Mavi De Mars has indicated that all future updates will be communicated through Anu Shukla’s column in Resident Advisor. An old adage states there is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent, as once you engage with another person, there is no telling when they will stop their attack. I feel Amnesia may have forgotten to do its homework in this case. Let’s hope it all doesn’t go Pete Tong for them. 

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