I’ve always been a fan of the melodic techno that Tale Of Us spin, ever since their first appearance in Ibiza. Their Life and Death parties at DC10, are still one of my most favorite events of the past number of years. Since then, their parties and popularity have grown to become a regular fixture on the island, holding residencies at Privilege, Space and now Hi. When they first announced their parties in Hi, I was somewhat skeptical, however credit where credit is due, in the past two years at Hi they have gone from strength to strength. This season with mixed reports circulating about the party, I decided to check it out for myself.

The plan was to head straight to see Jamie Jones in the main room, but plans don’t always work out in Ibiza, so unfortunately I missed Recondite. Walking into Hi via the garden, I was instantly excited to hear that distinctive booming bass that accompanies real techno. Like a moth to a flame, I was drawn into the club room to find Brazilian techno DJ, ANNA, playing what I can only describe as techno perfection. The crowd were going absolutely crazy to her deep techno beats. The first thing I noticed was the lack of mobile phones, just people dancing and whooping to the chunky sounds and I honestly could of happily listened to her play all night long – so good was her set. Next up in the Club Room was Mind Against, masterfully bringing the tempo back down before building it up again with their melodic techno style. A big kudos to the production team at Hi, the stage effects were spot on for the techno duo, enhancing the dark techno mood perfectly. I had to peel myself away from the Club room to see Jamie Jones in the Theater, as there wasn’t too much longer left of his set

Walking into the Theater, the atmosphere as expected was different to a bouncing club room. The floor itself was very busy but the crowd were not as engaged as the club room. It was a sea of mobile phones with people maybe enjoying more the production values of an impressive stage, than the music. I’m not going to go on an old man rant about phones in clubs, but speaking from experience, it’s a different energy for better or worse. I’m a big fan of Jamie Jones style of music, however for me, it just didn’t work that night, it was mostly extended breaks in the bass which didn’t seem to lead anywhere and I gave it over half an hour before heading back to the happening club room for the end of Mind Against set. The Berlin based Mind Against did not disappoint, but I was eager to see Marcel Dettmann. His take no prisoners style of German techno; I have loved ever since watching him play at Berghain in Berlin.  From the first track, he set the scene with the deep and heavy techno sound I love and considering Tale of Us were starting at the same time in the Theater, he skillfully held the crowd in the club room. The crowd was clearly clued up and there to party, feeding into the buzzing atmosphere you only get with a proper techno rave.  

Heading back into the Theater for Tale Of Us, the first noticeable difference that smacks you in the face is the production, explosive lighting effects, perfectly in sync with the music. Tale of Us did what they do best, taking the audience on a well structured journey of euphonious techno, building their set to cater to the diversity of the crowd in the big room. The atmosphere was far better than what I had experienced earlier, however after listening to the heavy Germanic techno beats of Marcel Dettmann, I decided to call it a night, very happy to have had my techno fix for the week.

The Afterlife party did not disappoint, especially with its sound and crowd in the club room, who were proper clubbers and connoisseurs of real Techno. One of the things I like about Tale of Us, is not just their music, but their booking policy too. They often book relatively unheard of DJ’s, certainly here in Ibiza, who over the years I have randomly seen, many becoming favorites of mine, such all Vaal, Rodhad and Woo York. This night was no exception, as ANNA was an amazing surprise to witness and I will certainly be checking her out next time she plays in Ibiza. The stand out set for me as a lover of heavy Techno was, Marcel Dettmann, but that probably says more about my musical taste than anything else! Finally credit to Hi for putting on an incredible night, our experience from start to finish was one of a professional venue, who know exactly how to throw an underground party!

Afterlife, see you again soon!

Words by Andy Cox.