Tipped for Big Things in 2012

A night which is owned by David Guetta and his Fu#k Me Im Famous party at Pacha for the last number of years. One of Ibiza’s most popular parties, which sells out fast on the Island. Early booking for tickets is strongly advisable. [email protected] is another Ibiza institution and this popular trance party has a strong following in Ibiza with its legions of loyal fans. A party that is expected to explode this summer is [email protected] In previous seasons it has been a well kept secret but Space have invested a lot of work into Kehakuma over the winter months and they expect it to be big news for 2012.

Top Tip [email protected]  Next Best David [email protected]


[email protected] A typically Spanish affair full of passion, flamboyance and style. Its all about the show and the fiesta atmosphere and attracts a Gay friendly crowd, so expect to see fit and scantily clad bodies all showing off their style and sexuality. The Fiesta Del [email protected] Paradis is another Ibiza institution. A unique and fun party, where its wet and wild atmosphere is enhanced by its dancefloor turning into a swimming pool by the end of the night. The All Gone Pete [email protected] Pacha party draws a loyal crowd for this popular night with such a respected DJ who really knows how to play a crowd.

Top Tip Fiesta Del [email protected] Paradis  Next Best [email protected]


The Zoo [email protected] Night, now firmly established after four summer seasons, offers a daytime party that is cool, edgy and close to the hedonism traditions of the Island. Guests can dress in the theme of animals, hence the name Zoo Project. The After Party at Underground is one of the best after parties on the Island. Hed [email protected] Paradis, now in its eleventh year, its a great party for the more mature clubber and features soulful disco house music. [email protected] is a similar party to Hed Kandi and another popular night on the Island.

Top Tip The Zoo [email protected] Night. Next Best Hed Kandi


We [email protected] is uniquely Ibiza. A traditional and much loved party for over a decade on the Island, featuring some of the best young talent and established DJ’s playing in six different rooms. A great mix of nationalities and music genres, in a happy and vibrant atmosphere. Doors open at 8pm. Judge Jules Judgement [email protected] is billed as San Antonios most popular night and attracts a large crowd for some of the best trance DJ’s in the world. One to watch this summer is [email protected] Paradis offering glamour and burlesque with live acts.

Top Tip We [email protected]   Next Best [email protected] Paradis.

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