Ibiza, a small island with a big personality. It has so much to offer that many people fail to grasp its true identity. It is deeply complex, with layers of intriguing people and places to peel back and discover. For those who are intoxicated with her beauty, it is a love affair that alludes capture. We are always chasing the soft whisper of sweet nothings that flutter in her warm Balearic breeze.  That elusiveness is poetically noted in the words of Catalan writer Pedro Zarraluki when he wrote “No traveler can say that the island owes him anything, because he can never be sure that he has visited this land which ignores him”.

Above is a video that captures a slice of what Ibiza can offer in one day. Waking up in its pristine countryside to the sound of nature and the scent of wild flowers. The refreshing surge of the sea as it washes loving waves onto sandy, pine embraced beaches. The taste of fresh, healthy food and the comforting pleasure of siesta followed by lazy afternoons exploring the rich produce and landscapes of its land. A swim in the Mediterranean waters surrounding the powerful presence of mythical Es Vedra and then a trip to the campo to discover the relaxed comforts of Atzaro and a delicious taste of the real Ibiza.

Then to explore the island and its many attractions where you can sense the Moorish textures and vibrant remnants of its past simmer under the surface of the red earth. The artisan skills found at Las Dalias and the interesting people that inhabit its unique Ibicenco spirit. Then to prepare for the night, fully refreshed after the sun’s rays brings a glow to the skin and a smile to the soul. A mellifluous sunset at Cafe Mambo surrounded by the beauty of youth and vitality as the primeval beat of the night beckons to dance and fiesta at Pacha under the bright starlight skies which seem so close as to touch. Then to sleep, to love and to wake up and do it all again. This is Ibiza.