Able Matutes

The Matutes Group, have today announced, that a study they conducted, to ascertain levels of support from the local community, with regard to their controversial “Pearl of the Mediterranean” project, has revealed that 82% of respondents, would welcome the €300 million development. A company hired by the Matutes Group, claims they carried out the random street survey, in all of the five municipalities of Ibiza. It said that “hundreds” of people were polled and that only 18% were unsure how they felt about the development, dubbed “EiviVegas”, by sceptics. The Matutes poll, is in stark contrast to a similar Online Survey, which claims only a 22% level of support for the project. The live, online poll by Ibiza Confidential, is currently reading 65% opposition to the Matutes plan. 14% responded that they supported parts of the plan. The large discrepancy between the two polls, shows that something is not right and that one of them, may be misleading.

It now seems that the middle ground, is where the battle will be fought on the proposed new development. Both sides of the argument will have their conservative views on the issue, but it will be the growing centre, that will most likely come down in favour of some sort of compromised development. As Europe battles a stagnant recession, with high youth employments rates in Spain, Ibiza is bucking that trend with a €300 million investment project and promises of jobs, from the Matutes group. Its sad that people are not in a better position to fight this development, but at the end of the day, the reality of job security and family income, will probably win out over the luxury of environmental concerns. Opposition to the plans do not seem to be gaining traction, as the Matutes group leads the way, with a well financed advertising campaign, to promote it. Unless there is a popular rising by the people to the proposed development at Playa Den Bossa, its an odds on favourite that it will proceed. The only question now it seems, is what compromises can be secured and when the building will start.