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€40 Million Makeover For New Tanit Hotel Ibiza

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Written by Dan Kirwan

Long a popular, all inclusive staple on the San Antonio Family Hotel market, the much loved Fiesta Tanit Hotel, will wave a sad farewell to its old three star British package holiday image when it reopens as a luxury 5 star Adults Only Hotel in May 2022. The Hotel, one of the biggest in San Antonio, holds a special place in the heart of old Mr Matutes, as it was the star performer for many years in his indeginous Fiesta Hotel Chain, which he built from the ground up in the 1970’s, after Franco had encouraged local investment into the mass tourism market. It is sure to be a poignant moment for the Matutes family, as closure of The Tanit will mark the end of the Fiesta Hotel Group which has operated for six decades on the island and is the parent of its more privileged Paladium Group today.

With so many luxury brands now indentured into the Matutes Group, Tanit from next season, will be part of its latest rebranding vehicle christened TRS Hotels offering, “a unique holiday experience where you can enjoy freedom and comfort in an exclusive setting, with a wide range of premium services, extensive dining options, and personal, 24-hour service: all in an exceptional setting right in the heart of nature. Our ‘Infinite Indulgence’ all-inclusive service will totally surpass your expectation”.

The Matutes group was required to refinance its latest expansion program last summer, to ensure they could pump €57 Million into old hotel property in Sicily and Menorca and transfor them into their tried and tested adults only model, which was fine tuned in Ibiza for the past decade.

That investment into the traditional format of high rise All Inclusive rooms feels a risky one in today’s wobbly tourism sector and if the industry does not rebound quickly, the group could find itself exposed as many are selling rather than buying hotels after Covid19 changed utterly the way we travel with the Green Party who are in Government in Ireland stating earlier this week that, “Cheap flights to sunny holiday destinations will become a thing of the past in a bid to save the planet”

The Matutes family are known to have their finger on the pulse of the tourism sector and they seem to be betting all in on the luxury market, ditching the family deals in prefrence to the more lucrative, Adults Only model, where pints of warm San Miguel are exchanged for chilled Mojitos and Martinis shaken, not stirred please. 

As we speak, work is well underway after locals were permitted to remove old and tired furniture to start the multi million euro refurbishment, in what has always been a special area. Both the Cala Gracio apartments and its next door companion the Hotel Cala Gracio are also been refurbished.  The Tanit, like its sisters in Playa den Bossa, will receive a €40 Million euro makeover in the style of Hard Rock and Ushuaia.

No demolition will take place, just a complete overhaul of its interior and exterior aesthetic appearance so the Hotel should have no problems opening for May 2022.  I would expect its exterior to resemble the design concept for Palladium Hotel Menorca pictured above.

The accendency of Tanit to 5* reflects the end of an era for Ibiza Tourism. Gone are the beer bellies, full english breakfasts and the screaming kids that helped build the old Fiesta Empire, to be replaced by instagram six packs and vegan menus.

The desolation of the family hotel market in Ibiza has been susrisingly swift. In all my years visting the island, I have not witnessed such a sudden overnight change in direction. The beautiful resort of Portinax, the gateway to exploring the unspoilt and boho chic municipality of Sant Joan, was five years ago, predominatley an all inclusive family friendly resort, with over a dozen hotels catering to that market.

Now, I think there is just one family hotel remaining and that itself is on the endangered species list. Alongside San Antonio, the green unspoilt coastline of Ibiza’s most northern camarc is curently where all the investment is taking place.

Six Senses will open its latest Hotel and Spa at nearby Cala Xarraca Bay ( on the road to Portinax) in July under much fanfare as the Hotel 116 rooms have been constructed under enviornmantaly sustainable and ecological conditions the buzzwords in the Spanish Tourism sector theses days. The Hotel is promising Beach Cave Parties and the presence of famous chef Eyal Shani, considered the father of new Israeli cuisine.


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