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4 Star Facelift For Landmark Ibiza Hotel Piscis Park

4 Star Facelift For Landmark Ibiza Hotel Piscis Park

It’s been the scene of many a raucous party, crazy rooftop pool jumps, daredevil balcony hops and drug fueled orgies amongst other notorious incidents, but now the legendary Piscis Park Hotel in San Antonio is about to go upmarket. The 366 room hotel will receive a €10 million facelift, upgrading it from a lowly 2 star, to a trendy 4 star establishment complete with a new pool area and some luxury suites. The owners of Piscis Park, the Playa Sol Group, which operates 33 hotels in Ibiza, recently completed an impressive refurbishment of the Algarb Hotel in Playa den Bossa, transforming an old 2 star into a polished and modern, clubber friendly hotel.

The new Algarb refurbishment

The same style of refurbishment will take place at Piscis Park, with work starting at the end of this season. It is hoped that the new Piscis Hotel can re-open for business next summer but it could take two years before the refurbishment is finally completed, heralding a new dawn for the sunset resort. The Hotel owners have praised the local government in San Antonio for their support in the project, stating that there were “no obstacles” put in its way during an efficient planning process. The Group are currently in the process of upgrading another of their well known properties in San An, the Aparthotel del Mar, which will also become a 4 star Hotel.

The proposed transformation of San Antonio from what locals consider a “hooligan” resort, into a more quality driven tourist product, is coming along at a nice pace, with plans for other refurbishments in the pipeline, including a major redevelopment of the old Tanit Hotel site in Cala Gracio, into a luxury adults only resort by the powerful Matutes group. In my opinion, I feel the 4 star market is the right one to fit the modern tourist model in Ibiza and at present, San Antonio is leading the way in this area, thanks to its progressive development plan for the future.

The below video shows a regular occurrence at Piscis Park, jumping from the old buildings roof into the pool below.

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