Winter in Ibiza

Ibiza winter Skyline

As temperature and tourist figures begin to drop, and the rain and wind increase their visits to this small Mediterranean Island, winter in Ibiza still offers a few “open for buisness” signs.

The Island, contrary to urban myth, does not disappear into the sea, only to reappear Brigadoon style the following May. Like elsewhere in the world, community’s continue to exist, people go out to have fun and enjoy themselves at weekends, and shops and restaurants remain open to service the local population.

Therefore, Ibiza in winter is alive and well, and reports of her demise can be greatly exaggerated, as the tourist media divert its attention to other destinations. The advantages of visiting Ibiza in winter, include the freedom to move about the Island in comfort and peace minus the loud soundtrack and inflated cost of the tourist season.

Although it would take a brave person to venture into the sea, the beaches remain open and without the littering of tourist sunbeds and parasols. Ibiza in winter can be a melancholy affair, with open fires and windswept beachs.

Accommodation rates start as low as €20 per night bed and breakfast, while Ryanair will fly a person from London Stansted to Ibiza direct from as little as 14.99 one way. If you dont enjoy smothering yourself in suncream every hour or so and require a quiet and relaxing weekend break away for all the tourist crowd, then a winter weekend break in Ibiza is well worth considering.

Here is a useful link to a more detailed account of Ibiza in winter and what is open for entertainment, restaurants and shopping options.