Not to be outdone by an astute marketing move by the wiley Carl Cox to promote his new party, Pure Carl Cox, across the road at Privilege, Music On and Amnesia have countered with a “leak” to leading industry portal DJ Mag that puts its flagship party Music On back in the headlines. Sources close to the Music On brand informed DJ Mag that the islands #1 party had not yet confirmed its residency at Amnesia for the Ibiza 2017 season. The blog understands that both sides are currently in talks with regard to the Music On contract which expires in 2018, however leaks of this nature to the press would suggest that negotiations are not running so smoothly.

Every season rumours surround the residency of Carola at Amnesia, and Ushuaia have not disguised their desire to have Marco playing in their PDB squad. The Italians have no doubt used this to their advantage to negotiate a better deal with their Spanish landlords and this may be the case once again, so we will have to wait a little longer to see how this Mediterranean Melodrama plays out. At this stage, respected industry sources in Ibiza are expecting Carola to remain at Amnesia, but this unusual left field leak, leaves the door open to Ushuaia or others to come back with an improved offer for Music On this season or the next.

Another option that could be on the table, is for Amnesia to offer Carola a new night at the San Rafel Club while Music On contemplates its future. After the departure of Matinee whose Saturday night slot was filled by Elrow, there is now a growing possibility that another night will become vacant on the Amnesia weekly schedual and this could be offered to Carola to keep him at the club. While the DJ Mag article alluded to the Music On brand not declaring at Amnesia this season, it did not refer to its star player departing the fold. Nothing is ever as it seems in Ibiza and its a twist that makes the island so addictive to some. Sadly, these days its not always about the music, its more about the money and as Biggy so classically put it, Mo Money can lead to Mo Problems.