It is always refreshing to see so many new parties emerge on the island each summer. Some go on to great things, others sink in the deep pool of parties held each season. Ibiza is a notoriously difficult market to break and the island is littered with the bodies of naive promoters who underestimated the cutthroat nature of the business. Gone is the day when a party could be held in the hills or some other stripped back venue with just a sound system and a group of friends. Only the tough and experienced survive and finance is very important. Most parties struggle the first two seasons but if they can weather those years, the rewards can be great. Therefore, it is important to recognise the people who are brave, work hard and risk all to make their dreams a reality.

This year we had four nominations for Best New Party. The Sunday Social with AudioJack at Veto Club (which remains open this winter) was a friendly and bespoke free party that was all about the music but without the inflated Ibiza prices. The real spirit of Ibiza lies in this concept and more of the same is required, as the island is in danger of becoming over commercialised and industry driven. Paris By Night at Pacha with Bob Sinclair, caught the imagination of the holiday crowd and was a real fun party to attend, but the two nights that fought it out for our Best New Party Award, were the Life and Death party at DC10 and Do Not Sleep at Vista Club. A Tale Of Us Ibiza residency was always on the cards and this season, DC10 signed them up for five Friday events in July and August alongside the long running Circo Loco party and the packed Jamie Jones Paradise party on Wednesdays. It was a classic DC10 party rooted in the venues ethos of producing its unique style of sexy, underground techno.

Life or Death would have just shaded it if the party had run a little longer that 5 events so this years award for Best New Party, goes to Do Not Sleep at Vista Club. DNS residents Darius Syrossian, Santé and Sidney Charles, were on point all season running 10 parties in the Vista Room of Privilege and creating a real buzz on the west side of the island. Do Not Sleep also took over the Hyte main room at Amnesia and appeared at the sold out Space Closing party as one off events that left their mark on the island this year. The talented trio rejuvenated the back to back format of Djaying and long may it continue. One gets the impression that Do Not Sleep is set for greener pastures next summer as clubs come calling for its services. So well done to all connected with, Do Not Sleep, the winner of our Best Ibiza New Party Award for 2015.