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Virgina Feelgood’s Ibiza In June

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Need a holiday!

Yep, we are barley a few weeks into the ‘new’ season and already I need a holiday.

After so many months stuck in a carob field my circuits are on super slow mode.

It all started with a secret art walk.

Where we had to meet in a car park (very rave scene circa 1999) before being driven to the start of an immersive, interactive, multi disciplinary walk around the hinter-campo of Ibiza. I was pleasantly surprised (not) to see that Joanna Hruby and Ben Dunwell were both performing. Last time I saw them was on the rooftop of the Montesol for I.Q’s Tipple with Tanit. Having been staved of live performance I lapped up very sound and scene.

On to paintings by the lovely Charlotte Mensforth in San Rafael. In typical Tanit Time, her exhibition is in July so we were only a month early.

Expected to go for pizza, chips and a larger shandy with my buddy Boorman (sound technician, journalist and DJ) and ended up at a table in Pamela’s at Pikes sampling the new brunch concept by LoveFoodIbiza. My personal food GodTess. Filling yet light, refreshing, tasty and so beautifully presented you feel guilty putting a fork in it. If you can’t make it to Pikes to try this I suggest getting the Ibiza People and Food book featuring Tess and some of her yummy recipes. For that dash of Pikes ‘abroad’ , they are hosting three weekends in Somerset – see their website for more information.

As Godmother to Kio the Seahorse, when Creatives for the Planet held their island clean up day, naturally I took a stand at Babylon Beach with children’s book authors. With me I had a plastic bear bright yellow and knee height. It had been dumped in a field. Throughout the day I asked people to write a few words on him so he would be ‘bearing poetry’. I was absolutely delighted at how many people actually wrote really good short poems and in so many languages. I thought IBI (the bear) would look like he was covered in graffiti, instead he’s glowing with prose!

The island has opened to Europeans, the Belgians are here in force. They are calm and polite and drive very slowly from what I have seen. Our first guest was German, we took him to Atzaro Beach which unfortunately proved wind blown with average food. 

On the way home we stopped in Santa Gertrudis to sample the drinks at Overalls. This is a real treat. A few young Galicians bring their wine, cheese and zeitgeist vibe to Ibiza, nice. 

Then this weekend just gone, I completely stuffed up my first journo assignment at the W Hotel

From now until the end of the ‘season’ I am to be found chatting and nibbling at apero in Cala Llonga with Stars of Ibiza promoting charity, literature, art and creativity. Every Thursday from 2-5pm. Your chance to get a notebook and diary with artwork by Lina Redford knowing all profits go to happyhippiecats. Last week I met an amazing lady on a Ducati motorbike (think Keira Knightly in the Chanel advert). Turns out she runs a cat hotel, my kind of girl!

Then this weekend  just gone I completely stuffed up my first journo assignment at the W Hotel. Waiting in the lower bar for someone to get me and take me to the ‘event’ I chatted to some friends from Pikes who were there to support the DJ. Several tunes later still no-one had come to take me to the news briefing. In spite of being totally sober I fell up the rather precipitous concrete steps and got told off by one of the multitudinous security persons when my mask slipped while trying to find the other members of the press – to no avail. By that time the roof terrace was full (restricted due to you know what). So I left empty handed and consoled myself with a pistachio vegan ice cream from the Gelateria opposite Passion on the sea front.

I am cream crackered.

Feelgood over and out.

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write to her agent saraatibizaquills.com

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