Tiesto On The Move Again For Ibiza 2024.

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Dutch DJ, Tijs Michiel Verwest, aka Tiesto, who held his first Ibiza residency at Ushuaia last season after a ten-year hiatus on the island, is rumoured to be on the move next summer. After a reasonably successful season, where Tiesto played a versatile and crowd pleasing mix of classics, pop and trance tunes including Adagio For Strings it was expected he would continue his Tuesday residency at Ushuaia. However, rumours circulating on the island, suggest that Tiesto will not be returning to the Tuesday slot at Ushuaia next summer.

This has led to speculation surrounding Tiesto’s future plans for Ibiza, an island he reigned as King during his iconic residency at Privilege. It was Frenchman David Guetta who dethroned the “Greatest DJ Of All Time” an accolade awarded to Tiesto after a public poll in 2011, the year he said goodbye to Privilege for a short-lived residency at Pacha where Guetta was lording it with his FMIF residency on Thursday nights. Soon after Tiesto spat the dummy, and spectacularly threw his Ibiza toys out of the cot, leading a distasteful campaign against the island, criticising it for being musically stale and promoting Las Vegas as the new Ibiza. He was not seen again until last summer’s residency at Ushuaia. Interestingly, many of those involved in that campaign are now not as influential as they used to be in Ibiza.

The question Tiesto fans will now be asking is where he might end up next summer if he is not headlining at Ushuaia on Tuesdays. A move to a weekend slot looks unlikely as Calvin Harris and Ants have Fridays and Saturdays nailed down. That only leaves Sundays where popular Norwegian Kygo was a resident last summer. It is also hard to see Tiesto being accommodated at Hi, as its current program looks rock solid with all its parties performing well. It would be very difficult for Yann Pissenm to drop any Hi party in favour of Tiesto and that assumption would also apply to Ushuaia with Sunday the only viable option open if he is to remain at Ushuaia.

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There is also the possibility that Tiesto could depart Ushuaia next summer, a move that may not cause too many tears to be shed amongst his fellow DJs at Ushuaia and Hi, with one, in particular, happy to see the back of him. With so many DJ Divas demanding attention and affirmation, Yann Pissenem will have some difficult decisions to make next summer. The official publication of the Ushuaia program for Ibiza 2024 will make for very interesting viewing indeed.

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