Pepe Rosello Launches New Space Project In Ibiza

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Written by Dan Kirwan

Pepe Rosello the founder of Space, has announced that he is to open a brand new business on the sunset strip of San Antonio. What was formally known as, Fresh, located right next door to Savannah and managed by the Mambo Group, will have new tenants for next season.

Space Sun Beach will be the name of Pep’s new business venture, which may be themed along the lines of his favourite tapas bar Rincon del Pepe offering local tapas dishes to its customers. Due to licencing restrictions, the venue is not permitted to host DJ’s or live bands, so Pep has sidestepped that issue by announcing he will book Opera singers like Maria Callas and Placido Domingo instead.

I know I am advancing in years, and my memory may not be the best, but I’m nearly certain that the Spirit of Space had no connection with Opera and unless Carl Cox performs a duet with Maria Callas, electronic music is a non-runner there. So what’s Pep up to?  The real value of the venue is its location, it has a prime position looking out over the beautiful bay of San Antonio and Sa Conillera island, the backdrop to Ibiza’s famous musical sunsets.

 The pitch also enjoys heavy tourist footfall and I was always of the opinion it would make an excellent pre or after-party venue with a dual purpose of promoting and selling tickets for its larger parent venue.  That was the reason why pre-parties existed back before internet and mobile phones, to let punters know that the DJ was on the island. To nick punters from rival clubs, promoters would put out a rumour that the headling DJ missed their flight, so to counter that trick the DJ would appear at the pre-party. 

unless Carl Cox performs a duet with Maria Callas, electronic music is a non-runner there

I have often sat in good company at Fresh enjoying its warm hospitality, gazing across the Bay at a building on the coastline and commenting what an ideal venue for a club it would be. You could easily point people in its direction which lay due south of Fresh or load them up onto a ferry that would drop off and collect on the beach that the building overlooked. What a romantic way to arrive at a club, we would say, evoking memories of the boat ride to El Divino and didn’t Fresh have its own pier at one stage?

A bit like Brigadoon, it magically appears and disappears every few years but I’m sure Pep and his influential investors could make it happen again. We wish them all the very best of luck with the venture and really do hope they can seal the deal that will launch the next generation of the Space Ibiza mission.


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