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New British Owners Rumoured For Golden Buddha Ibiza

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Written by Dan Kirwan

One of San Antonios most loved venues, Golden Buddha, overlooking Cala des Moro on the sunset strip could have new owners for next season. A well-known British consortium with several established tourist bars, restaurants, and hotels in San Antonio is rumoured to have purchased the frontline seafront property which was popular with residents on the island as a place reflective of the local community.

While prices were lower than the tourist bars, the service was Mucho Tranquilo and not for those who appreciated snappy attention. Now if the gossip is true, it’s set to lose that Ibicenco charm to be replaced by another loud, soulless, profit-making tourist bar. 

a more underground awakening is happening on the opposite side of the bay,

There has been a big rush to invest in San Antonio in recent years, as the powerful Matutes Group is currently developing its three-star Tanit family Hotel in Cala Gracio, into a five-star adults-only concept, reflecting the business model that made Ushuaia Beach Hotel such a success in Playa den Bossa. It’s just around the corner from Buddha Bar and businesses in that area are hoping to see an increase in well-heeled footfall next season, when the Tanit opens its doors as a five-star lifestyle hotel.

While investors are pumping cash into the center of San Antonio and along the sunset strip, a more underground awakening is happening on the opposite side of the bay, which has managed to keep itself under the radar, a style more reflective of the real Ibiza vibe which is discreet and understated. It’s this area I feel will be the one to watch and in next week’s blog, we will write more about it.

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