80’s Ska Band Madness

Eighties Ska band Madness, will entertain Ibiza crowds at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel Live venue in San Antonio this summer season. The Band have confirmed the 14th of September as the date for their first Ibiza live gig. Horn player, backing singer and dancer Chas Smyth lives in Ibiza in a villa tucked away in the Santa Agnes countryside, so he will not have to travel far for the gig!

In a recent article with Ibiza Style Magazine, Cathal Smyth talks in depth about his Ibiza home and what it means to him. Personally I have many happy memories of the band and the first record I ever bought was a 7″ vinyl single called Driving In My Car. To this day I still have the single stashed away in my attic, collecting dust with the rest of my Madness memorabilia. I remember them best for their fun attitude and catchy songs which were a breath of fresh air in an otherwise depressing 80’s music scene.

Time to be nice to the Ibiza Rocks people me thinks…………….

Here is a link to the Ibiza Style Magazine article on Ibiza resident Cathal Smyth. http://ibiza-style.com/pages/en/culture/music/85-cathal_smythmadness_in_ibiza.html?tt=lifestyle&ttlp=1