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King Guetta Abdicates On Ibiza 2021 Season

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Written by Dan Kirwan

In what is sure to be a major setback to the clubbing sason ahead on The White Isle this summer, news broke this morning that the King of Ibiza Clubland, David Guetta, has cancelled his FMIF Friday night party at Hi. Leading ticket seller Ibiza Club Tickets issued a notice to their FMIF ticket holders today stating “We regret to inform, that due to the ongoing situation with Covid19 this event will no longer take place. Tickets can be transfered to the same event at a later date or you can request a refund”

The development is certain to have a domino effect on the rest of the big super clubs on the island, as the well conected Frenchman would have his finger firmly on the political and business pulse of the island, thanks to his close association with the Pissenem Brothers, Yann and Romain, who own The Night League and High Scream, two of the most infulencial electronic companies on the island.

The signs were ominous for the indoor clubs when last week, after another highly respected organisation, The International Music Summit, with key Ibiza movers and shakers connected, was forced to postpone IMS to May 2022, a year the industry now seems to accept as the most likely to have local Government support to re-open. However all is not lost as outdoor events can take place.

While the Frenchies have retreated from an indoor clubbing season, the party is set to carry on outdoors in the spirt of old Ibiza and the Space Terrace. Local Government have agreed to work with the clubbing industry in trying to re-open the clubs safely and for brand Ibiza, this is very important. While Guetta has cancelled his indoor Hi party on Friday nights his daytime event across the road at Ushuaia has not been postponed, yet.

Sources close to the ground in Ibiza are reporting that the Balearic Government are steadfast in their aim to prioritise health and saftey to ensure the island retains its clean image. Local tourism cheifs and resident groups like PROU will point to disruptive scenes at Old Trafford on Sunday to highlight the effects alcohol and drugs when consumed in a carefree holiday enviornment like Ibiza. They have taken the view that they have more to lose than gain in todays current Covid19 enviornment as the islands tiny hospital would collapse under the extra strain of drunken tourists clogging up its wards.

We predicted in an earlier blog on the subject, that all the action and fun would be outdoors and around Hotel pools this summer where the virus is less transmissable. That viewpoint was supported recently when the local council of Sant Joan decreed that no new clubs, discos or beachclubs would be permitted to open this season in the ultra consertative municipality. They also announced that music would be permited in Hotels that operated a residents only policy of entry, with a maxium of 200 people, which was a fair result for the effective Hotels industry lobby on the island led by the Matutes Group which own thousands of rooms on the island, mainly in adults only propertie able to easily and safely accomadate the DJ set.

With news of Guettas cancelled FMIF show at Hi, in my book, it hearalds the Fat Lady Sings performance on the Balearic club stage this season.

What this develompent will mean for the other clubs on the island is uncertain. The owners of Hi, aremajor shareholders in Privilege, so I dont hold out much hope of that venue happening to its high production costs. Worringly Amnesia is in a spot of bother, and they cannot afford to sit on their hands this summer. Already we have witnessed the normally laid back club push events in Croatia, with the owners son and heir, Mar T, now offering Amnesia branded DJ courses online.

Eden is owned by a Dutch protery developer who is currently sitting on a very valuable real estate asset. He is not into clubbing and could offload his shrewd investment at any stage, but the venue has no outdoor terrace expect the carpark it owns straight in front of Es Paradis. The club had been proactive earlier this year and seemed keen to find a way to open, so lets wait and see what  happens there.

Sankeys or Octan I think its called these days, has a roof terrance, so possibilities there also, as does DC 10, Blue Marlin and a host of trendy beach bars and chiringitos who will be permitted to open once their capacity does not break the 200 person limit. Pacha will retreat to Destino, where some surprises are already planned for the season ahead. 

W hope to have much more news to report on this breaking story as the island digests the Guetta abdication. The covid deniers and vested intrests, including certain elements of the UK media, will all be out in force to say Ibiza is Happening once again this summer, but my best guess right now, is that its game over from an indoor clubbing perspective.

With news of Guettas cancelled FMIF show at Hi, in my book, it hearalds the Fat Lady Sings performance on the Balearic club stage this season.

However do not lose faith, while there may be no indoor party, the great outdoors will be where all the action will be this summer. Be under no illusion, Ibiza wants UK tourism and is preparing for it, but the locals are worried that 10 Dowing Street may not allow freedom of movement to Spain due to its Brexit reality fallout with the EU.

Lots more to report on this evolving story as we gauge reaction, so stay stuned for further updates. 

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