imageedit_7_6782300245The DannyKayIbiza Blog is an independent media platform that provides a personal and unique viewpoint of Ibiza. The Blog was first created in 2004 as an information resource. In my role as TripAdvisor Destination Expert For Ibiza I decided to put all my Ibiza Information, gathered over two decades visiting the island as a tourist, in one place, where I could direct people to visit when they needed questions answered. It was very important to me that the Blog grew organically and in a style that reflected the free, true and open ethos that Ibiza is loved for.

Therefore the Blog does not conform to “normal standards” nor does it “play the game” under music industry rules or kiss the ass of some overpaid DJ and their well connected management company. If the information is in the public domain we print it – simple as that. The blog is not in the pocket of any advertiser, neither do we sell tickets or hotel rooms, so our editorial is unbiased and personal but at all times respectful. I was honoured to receive an award from my Ibiza peers in recognition of the blogs authenticity at Pacha Hotel in 2014.

I have always written the Blog for Ibiza, not one commercial entity or social group. It’s content reflects what Ibiza means to me personally and allows me to give something back to a special place that has provided my family and friends with many happy memories down through the decades. I believe that the spirit of Ibiza does not belong to a clique or any one group, it belongs to all that connect with it, and therefore everybody has an equal right to know whats happening on the island without bias or incentive. The Blog is written from a tourists perspective, not an insiders view, so like the TripAdvisor community, information is shared to benefit fellow travellers.

If you require personal advice or an unbiased opinion about all things Ibiza, we would be happy to provide it without any obligation. Please feel free to Contact Us