Mar Azuaga far left and Ushuaia Team.

In the third instalment of our Workers in Ibiza series, we talk to Spaniard Mar Azuaga, social media manager at the Fiesta Hotel Group. She is based at Ushuaia Beach Hotel in Playa Den Bossa and is responsible for driving the social media campaign for the indigenous Fiesta Hotel Chain.

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m 33, from Malaga and come from a family of five, myself, one brother, a sister and my mum and dad. I qualified with a Telecommunications Engineering Masters Degree from the University of Malaga. I then went on to travel and worked in the Canary Islands, England, Ireland, Slovakia, and Italy. I came back to Spain two years ago and finally settled in Ibiza. I’m currently finishing a Communications and Media Masters Degree.

How important is Social Media at Ushuaia

I think that nowadays Social Media is part of our everyday life. It has changed the way we communicate with each other and how we share our experiences. Ushuaïa is a hotel that aims to be a pioneer in technology and communications. That’s why it’s essential to be at the forefront of this new trend. It’s a way for us to communicate with our clients, with the people that love Ushuaïa and its lifestyle, to tell them about everything that goes on at the hotel every single day (and there’s always a lot going on here!), and also to listen to what they say.

What Brought you to Ibiza

When I finished studying my postgraduate course in Italy, I came to Ibiza for a holiday. It was my first time in Ibiza and it was supposed to be just a weekend here. But then I decided to stay a bit longer (about 3 weeks). During that time, I found a job here and decided to stay for the summer… And well, more than two years later, I’m still here! Maybe the island didn’t want me to go away, as they say……

For You What is so special about Ibiza

What I like the most is the freedom and respect. Here you can feel free to do whatever, wear as you want and enjoy life. And everyone respects each other, there is place for everybody. I’m not much of a “city girl”, and I love nature and that sense of freedom, and of course, I love the sea! So here in Ibiza I can enjoy the things I love the most.

What would you advice be to people looking for work in Ibiza

I would say finding a job for the summer is not so hard, there is a lot of tourism during these months and therefore there are many job offers to work in hotels, restaurants, beach clubs… To find a job for the whole year is harder, though, so my advice would be to come to Ibiza and start meeting people and making some contacts. If you’re good in what you do, with some luck I’m sure you can find something for you!

Where do you see your future

I’m not really sure what it will be. At this moment, I love where I live and what I do, but who knows? Life is full of surprises!