Caribbean Cocktail King Marcelo Benitez

In the second instalment of our new series, where we talk to people who make Ibiza their home by taking a job on the Island for the Tourist season, we chat to Marcelo Benitez,an Argentinian from Buenos Aires, who works as a Caribbean Style cocktail barman in Migjorn apartments in Playa Den Bossa.An international workforce come to Ibiza to experience first hand what the magical Island has to offer. It’s hard work in hot, humid, conditions and not easy to do when everybody else is on holiday and enjoying themselves. The majority are trained multi lingual professionals and this series hopes to delve into the many nationalities and personalities to find out what makes them tick and what its like to work in Ibiza.

The Cocktail BarmanMarcelo Benitez, Argentina.

Tell us a little about yourself
I am 39 years of age and from Buenos Aires and I started working in clubs and bars at the age of fifteen. The infamous NYC club in Argentina is where I learned by trade in the 80’s it was very similar to Club 56 in New York but with much more of a hot Latin style. I can tell you I learned a lot about life there and how best to party. In Argentina we know how to party with fun!

What does your Job entail
I am Bar Manager at Migjorn Ibiza Suites and Spa, an apartment complex located in Playa Den Bossa. I work a ten hour shift depending on the day. Its a busy poolside bar with DJ’s, daybeds, food and cocktail service to our guests around the pool. I manage a staff of 2-3 people to ensure that service all flows efficiently and that our guests are well looked after.

What is Unique about your Job

Caribbean Style Cocktails

I make the best, biggest and freshest cocktails in Ibiza in a style know as Caribbean. Its a style that reflects happy, big, fresh and most importantly, natural fruit cocktails. They are specially designed to refresh people lying by the pool or on the beach and I learnt the skill from time I spent working at celebrity hangout, Nicki Beach Club in Maimi. I also worked in Cancun and Brazil perfecting the technique. I am very proud of my cocktails as they match perfectly with the Ibiza party and people having fun.

What are your work conditions like
I am very lucky to work in a place like Migjorn which reflects typical Ibicenco Hospitality. Our guests are special and they travel from all around the world to be here.I earn about €1400 a month after taxes which I am happy with as it allows me to live in Ibiza all year  round. Our season in Migjorn is longer. so the monthly salary is for five months instead of three. We have staff that sometimes leave for higher paying jobs but they dont understand that it is better in Ibiza to find a job that lasts longer, rather than a better paying one that lasts only 3 months. For good, trained staff in Ibiza, there are always Jobs.

What Brought you to Ibiza
A Girl. Things didn’t work out with the Girl but I met my current wife, an Ibicenco, on the Island and we are now happily married with two beautiful children. I arrived in Ibiza in 2000 and straight away fell in love with the place and its special connection. I worked in a few bars and clubs on the Island before I arrived here at Mijorn where I got the opportunity to display my Caribbean Style of cocktails.

For You what makes Ibiza special
I love that I get to spend so much time with my family. It is 4-5 months of hard work but the rest of the year when we are not working, I get to spend quality time with my wife and family. The pace of life here in Ibiza is relaxed and I get to spend mornings and evenings with my children. I love the work/life balance that Ibiza offers and to be honest, nowhere else in the world can match it. The people that make Ibiza their home are similar to they way I feel. I am very happy here and do not intend to leave.

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