Daft Punk last played Ibiza in 1999

Daft Punk in Ibiza….every hotel room within a ten mile radius would be booked solid, for a musical event that would roadblock the small Mediterranean Island. Will it happen?……there is a possibility that it can, as Daft Punk look set to release their highly anticipated, fourth studio album this March. Its been eight years since, Human After All, was released on March 14, 2005. It is rumoured that a World Tour will accompany the release of the new album and Ibiza would have to be considered as an option if it did. The main reason for this, would be Live Nations close connection to Daft Punks new record label, Columbia Records. Live Nation promotes the Global tours of Columbia artists and its Spanish Chairman, Pino Sagliocco, is closely connected to the Ibiza 123 Rocktronic Festival, which will move to a new July 26th date for 2013. If there was one act that could establish Ibiza Rocktronic on the World stage, it would be Daft Punk, as they would be the ideal fit for the Island, due to their legendary status within the electronic music genre.

It was David Guetta, who first introduced an unknown Daft Punk to Ibiza, promoting their sound on the beaches with a Ghettoblaster, for a gig at Privilege in the 90’s. Thomas Bangalter later repaid the favour, by introducing Guetta to Virgin records. The last time Daft Punk played Ibiza, was way back in 1999, at the now defunct club, Il Divino. DJ Sneak played alongside Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel De Homem-Christo that night, the year before they released the classic, One More Time single. All current information around Daft Punks plans for 2013, has been classified Top Secret by Columbia and very little facts are emerging, with just manufactured rumour and speculation surrounding the pair.The only other realistic options for Daft Punk in Ibiza, would be an appearance at Privilege or Ushuaia.

Owned by the powerful Matutes Group, it would have the necessary financial clout to secure the services of the French duo. Ushuaia would love to have Daft Punk play, just for the prestige and image it would lend to their upmarket venue. If Daft Punk were willing, Ushuaia would book them in the morning. Privilege, the first venue Daft Punk played in Ibiza, would have the necessary capacity to hold a Daft Punk concert along with the musical connections and finance to make it happen. While all of the above is just speculation at present, the notion of a Daft Punk appearance on Ibiza, is a mouthwatering one. At this stage we can only hope. The blog will update, if any more news or rumours about Daft Punks plans surface in Ibiza, as it was at last years IMS festival, that first news about a new Daft Punk Album, was released to the World press, by Nile Rodgers and Giorgio Moroder.