Going back to his early days at Privilege, playing for parties like Monza and Meganite, Marco Carola has always attracted a loyal Ibiza following. When he moved to Amnesia in 2012 to host his own party, Music On, the island became his oyster and the crowds flocked to worship his distinct flavour of Italian inspired techno which set the trends for others to follow. His style and most importantly his party, Music On, remained underground, an impressive achievement in a club the size of Amnesia, where Cocoon and Sven Vath was King. It was Germany vs Italy in the premier league of trendy Techno and the two heavyweights ensured that Amnesia topped the Box Office receipts for tickets sold on the island.

It was no secret that rival club Ushuaia were big admirers of Marco and when he agreed to play a flirting 12 hour set at the Ushuaia Closing party in 2014, it seemed the feeling was mutual. Now with an exciting new dawn set to rise on the island, the time looks right for the courting couple to legitimately consummate their blossoming relationship. Marco’s style of music is best suited to an indoor venue where its mood and tempo is reverberated in a play it loud environment and with Ushuaia in ownership of the old Space building, a gilt edged opportunity now presents itself to the Neapolitan born DJ.  However, as with all things in Ibiza, everything is a compromise and Carola and his team may have to ponder the future of the Music On brand on the island.

Its likely that Ushuaia Club and its new music director will prefer to create a fresh concept for Carola to display his talents as they are not known for adopting brands from other clubs. If Marco were to move to the emerging Ushuaia Club, he may not be able to bring the Music On brand with him, as Amnesia could have licencing rights to it. The San Rafael club will definitely not want to see it abdicate to Playa den Bossa, so the smart money will be on a new party being launched by Marco at Ushuaia Club next summer. While much of the above is just speculation at present, its a story sure to fuel the fires over the winter months as the winds of change blow gales across the island.

Update 5/1/16 Press Leak to DJ Mag states that Music On may depart Amnesia. Read more here